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NuWay Technology is all about it's name. NuWay specializes in traditional product needs; but new ways to accomplish those needs.



NuWay's Nuway4Hair Hair brushes (; are Simply a Better Brush™ and The Only Brush You'll Ever Need™! Nuway4Hair brushes are constructed from static free production materials and withstand hot-air blow drying temperatures of up to 180C degrees! The exclusive Brainy Bristles effortlessly tame the wildest hair. The Nuway4Hair "DoubleC" brush is unlike any other brush ever made: adding a patented design, antibacterial production materials, and Argon Oil infused bristle tips that will leave your hair soft and shiny.


NuWay's MMR Make-up Remover ( is created from an exclusive fabric expressly developed for the purpose of make-up removal. NuWay's MMR is the New Way to Clean™! NuWay's Make-up Removal Micro Material is the only fabric make-up removing solution that uses a material exclusively made for that purpose. MMR--There IS a Material Difference™!   NO EXFOLIATOR SIDE! NO GLUE OR ADHESIVES! The difference is demonstrable in our exclusive new double-sided MMR and our Make-up Removal Micro Material made only in Taiwan.


NuWay's KleanTech™ Towels ( use advanced state-of-the-art microfiber looms and are proudly made exclusively in Taiwan. The manufacture of KleanTech™ Towels are based on performance, not price. All KleanTech Towels are mildew-proof, as certified by Daiwa Japan, and use exclusive 3M technologies for enhanced fabric moisture wicking characteristics. The super drying effect of the advanced microfiber made to use NuWay's KleanTech Towels, will impress in their efficiency and effectiveness of user drying on contact and then air-drying quickly when finished. KleanTech™ Towels don't end up in the laundry as often as a normal towel. This make KleanTech™ Towels odor free, easy to clean, super absorbent, quick drying and eco-friendly!